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Does President Trump support that idea? Is he open to having U. Did President Putin raise this with President Trump? In the past, he has talked about potentially putting a tariff of 20 percent. Is that what he meant today by tremendous retribution? Or is it possible he goes even beyond that?

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Your response to those headlines would be what? Again, this is short term, and the President hopes to open up a number of different markets and to create a more playing trade field across the globe. Two questions. What do you say to that criticism? The President, I think, said exactly what he thought yesterday in his remarks, and I would refer you back to those.

The Secretary for Homeland Security said that it was an attack on American democracy. But the President said that the Democrats are weak, that Republicans basically have better systems. Does he see it as an issue of American democracy, or just his opponents being attacked? This happened under the Obama administration. Was there a deal made on Syria? Was there a deal made on anything?

Can you give us any sense of what came out of that meeting?

Press Briefing by Press Secretary Sarah Sanders

All of these issues were talked about. This is the beginning of the dialogue with Russia and our administration and theirs. But those were all of the topics, and certainly probably others that were covered.

On a number of issues, from the annexing of Crimea to election meddling, the President seems to have spent more time criticizing his predecessor, Barack Obama, for letting it happen under his time, than Vladimir Putin. Do you have any sense of why the President has not been more critical of Putin for some of these events that the entire world stage has really gone after him about? I think you can see that. Look, the President has been extremely tough on Russia, and to say anything different is just not true.

I think he has called them out for interfering in our election. The President discussed some of these things directly, face-to-face, with Vladimir Putin. He addressed them again yesterday. The President also sees this as an opportunity, as he said many times, to be able to work with Russia.

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And from the outside, since the tariffs went on more than two weeks ago, it seems like those negotiations have broken down. The President called it an interesting idea. He said it was an incredible offer.

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  2. Naturally, Charlie.
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Why we would he say that? And it was an idea that they threw out. Is that something that the White House would ever support?

Tax ‘forgiveness’ clarified

Was he referring to any specific intelligence on that? Or was that his instinct? And I want to just clarify something you talked about at the beginning of the briefing. I talked to the President. So when he sees that he has misspoken, he comes out and he says that. You told Josh —. I just want to know when. Would President Trump support a proposal like that? Is voter suppression part of that election process that the President is trying to look for?

It was immediate. I got my inbox inundated with emails from Republican members of Congress with their reaction immediately. And 24 hours — it took 24 hours for the President to correct the record. Why did it take so long for the President to clarify the comments that he made at that press conference? He wanted to make sure that was clear. And at the very first chance he had, in a public setting the following day, he clarified his comments. And it was out there for quite a bit.

Role of advisory counsellors clarified

Again, he put out an initial tweet from Air Force One. What took so long is my question? Is that something that the White House would support for lack of cooperation in turning over documents to Congress? Do they have the — do they have confidence within the Deputy Attorney General?

When the President no longer has confidence in someone, his administration will let you know. Did that occur? You did not — you did not mention voter suppression in that.

Voter suppression has been an issue for decades, and particularly in these last few elections. Ministry appoints five special administrators.

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