Visualization Skills - How To Use Your Imagination To Visualize And Manifest Your Goals And Dreams

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Thoughts we continually fire, over and over, with repetition wire together.

And when we create these new neural connections, they become thought patters. Thought patterns that become on auto pilot as most tens of thousands of thoughts we have are the same ones as we had the day before.

Visualization meditation: techniques and guidance / kenshō way

This is when we start living in a more positive and congruent way that reflects our visualized goals. This is when things happen in our live that move us towards our goals more readily then simply physically moving towards them. It reminds me of a story John Assaraf talks about in this book The Answer a must read! He talks about how he mentally prepared his son to look forward to the first day of school. He described to his son all the possibilities and fun things that happen at school. All the cool toys.

And all the positive aspects of being in school were. The boy imagined all of these things over and over. Living it before it even happened in real time.

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So when it did happen, he felt at total ease being at the new school. But there was a boy there who was totally scared.

Meditation and Visualization

Clinging to his father in a fearful state. Essentially the power of visualization has this affect on us. We create new neuropathways that allow us to react as if we already have done the thing. Been to the place. Talked to the person. Or attained that goal. Many different sports players visualize doing great in their sport. To where when the step on the field and make that tackle or hit that homerun, you almost see them doing so being completely calm. Both physically and emotionally.

This is where quantum entanglement comes into play. Our inner thoughts are entangled with the outside world.

It is like phenomenons that are talked about to where a butterfly flaps his wings and there is a tidal wave somewhere across the globe. There has been studies to where there have been saliva cultures of a subject placed miles away.

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And when he thinks certain thoughts, the culture is affected in the same way as the thoughts. Or athletes that have been tested in which they envision themselves performing a play. And their muscles react the same way they would on an EKG as they would actually performing the play. As an article in Business Insider talks about Olympians using the power of visualization. The quote in the article highly pertains to our subject:. Our minds are intimately connected with the outside world.

And to some higher energy that allows us access to the power to create any thought or feeling that we choose to do so. And use them to create a whole new world for ourselves. We have always been the driver, but now we can drive wherever we want.

The power of visualization

Instead of just being on autopilot. Below are 7 different tips that you can use to create vivid pictures in your head to allow you to create the life of your dreams. So the best tip I have ever found for the visualization of your goals, dreams and hearts desires is to wait until exactly the right time that you are READY to visualize them.

Trying to force an image into our head that is not yet real is hard. It will be resisted by our minds. And it will also be a lot harder to form a mental picture. So when you sit down and start to visualize your goals, give your mind a minute to prepare. Wait until you are not resisting the process. Then right when you FEEL ready, do so. The results, I promise you, will be much more powerful. And the picture will be more clear. Almost as if you have already attained your goal.

Like the thing you desired so strongly almost looks melodramatic in a sense. As you start to feel as if you are already in possession of your goal. So again wait until your ready. And the picture you create in your mind will cement like hard concrete. Like it has been there for years. And when it feels as if it is permanent, results will manifest FAST. Share with me your manifested goals when they happen! I know this tactic will help you. Relax completely.

The best way to really get in the zone for optimal visualization is to be relaxed. The mind is able to be the most creative when relaxed. We can tap into the power of our right brain. Which is the area where we can form vivid pictures. It is the area of the mind which is most creative and not analytical. So when we activate this, there is infinite possibility.

We put on pause the left brain hemisphere. Which would get in the way with thoughts that are rational. When relaxed we activate the side of the brain in which we can literally create the life we want and desire. The more detailed you can integrate into your mental picture, the better! I want you to feel what you would feel when you attained the goal.

Would you feel a hard or soft seat in front of you? Would you fee gravel under your feet if you were outside.

How to Materialise Your Dreams Using Visualisation

Would you feel the cold air of the air conditioning blowing on you? Or would you be outside, feeling the sun rays beating on the back of your neck?

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  • How to Materialise Your Dreams Using Visualisation.

Also what do you hear? Children laughing? Coffee steaming? Crowds cheering?