Too Many Husbands

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When the husbands become pals for a night and walk out on Vicky to teach her a lesson, she calls the police. When asked her relationship to the missing men, she answers without thinking, "My husbands. Although a judge decides that Bill is Vicky's legal husband, Henry refuses to admit defeat and continues to court her.

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Both men vow to keep Vicky happy in the future and share a dance with her to show the sincerity of their intentions. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes.

Too many husbands (1940)

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I know this was very similar to My Favourite Wife but it just felt a little more charming. Also you can never go wrong with any Jean Arthur film she had such a wonderful light about her. Just for the record I think I would have chosen Henry he had something really sweet about him.

Boy is she surprised when Bill shows up alive.

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So is her new husband and her father Davenport. It then falls to the confused Vicky to decide which husband she wants.

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This is a very amusing comedy with terrific performances from all the stars. Melvyn Douglas, one of the truly…. This might have been better with two funnier men.

Too Many Husbands (1940) * Jean Arthur * Fred MacMurray * Melvyn Douglas * Harry Davenport

Great voice, great eyes, great delivery. Without Jean, this is not worth watching.

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Review by tga. I can work with a comedy without a single laugh, but not one without a single interesting character or conceit. This belamed Enoch Arden adaptation has two obnoxious idiots fighting over in the most hateful way a ditzy Jean Arthur who does nothing worth fighting over.

Great screwball comedy equal to or greater than My Favorite Wife, with basically the same plot and genders reversed. This is imported from my icheckmovies list - www. Too Many Husbands. Romantic comedy adapted from a Somerset Maugham play. Director Wesley Ruggles.

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Claude Binyon. Studio Columbia Pictures. Genre comedy.