The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

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Plot Overview

Do I have a double inside me? Review was outstanding. A novella that explores the deep and dark recesses of the human psyche - brilliant.

I read this for my poetry course. Enjoyed it, it makes you think whether we all have a double inside us, just waiting to be released. Great book. Thank you for taking the time to write a review on this book, it really makes a difference and helps readers to find their perfect book. Imagine, if you can, a small room, hexagonal in shape, like the cell of a bee.

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The beast within

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In an interview reprinted in the invaluable Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Companion, edited by Harry M Geduld, Mamoulian described the scene, which was cut from the finished movie: "She keeps throwing away the stockings, the garters, then the brassiere, the panties. Hyde, his hidden self, was brought into existence to give him licence to do so. Stevenson deplored the attempts to plumb his divided hero's psychology in the various theatrical productions.

In a private letter to the editor of the New York Sun in , written from the Adirondacks, where he had gone for the sake of his health, he dismissed Mansfield's portrayal as an offshoot of modern society. Hyde, Stevenson insisted, "is no more sexual than another". He was certainly not, "Great Gods! There are many other allegorical interpretations of the story. Elementary Freudianism sees Jekyll as embodying the ego rational , Hyde the id instinctive.

Jekyll has been seen as a drunk, a drug addict, a pederast, a closet homosexual. In an excellent introduction to the Edinburgh University Press edition of the novella, Richard Dury ranges over a variety of possible readings, noting that of several "socially condemned activities" that Hyde is associated with, "veiled allusions to homosexuality are particularly frequent". The double life of Jekyll and Hyde can be seen as parallel to "the necessarily double life of the Victorian homosexual".

Even though Stevenson may not have intended leaving them, there are suggestive markers throughout the text: the suspected blackmail of Jekyll by his "young man", his "favourite"; the "very pretty manner of politeness of Sir Danvers Carew" when approached in the street - terms that may have denoted forbidden liaisons to a Victorian readership.

The hidden door by which he enters Jekyll's house is the "back way", even "the back passage". It happens that the year of composition, , was the year in which an amendment to an act of parliament made homosexual acts between men a criminal offence. The most popular allegorical reading in our own day suggests that, although the action is set in Soho, the atmosphere is really that of Edinburgh, capital of Scotland and RLS's birthplace.

In this view, the moral focus of the story is the Scottish character, burdened by dual nationality Scottish and British , caught between two tongues Scots and English , its instinctive spontaneity repressed by a Calvinistic church - the very church that once came between Stevenson and his father, and caused a split in the family. Edinburgh is a city starkly divided into two: the foggy old town up on the hill, once the site of colourful crimes such as bodysnatching and of public hangings in the Grassmarket; and the splendid New Town to the north, on the other side of the then newly laid railway tracks.

In Glasgow, where I grew up, the common perception of Edinburgh was of a cloudy inner life old town shielded by a genteel exterior New Town. It was - how could you avoid saying so? The reclaiming of Stevenson's most famous work as a Scottish fable has a modern feel to it in this era of aspirationally independent Scotland, but it was suggested as early as by an American, Clayton Hamilton, who believed that the story might be "conceived as happening among the gloomy doorways and narrow wynds of the Scottish capital".

GK Chesterton went further, stating that "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde", though "presented as happening in London", was "very unmistakably happening in Edinburgh" - which is plausible, but unmistakably not the case. If Stevenson had wanted to set his story in Edinburgh, rather than the streets of Soho, he could have done so; if he had intended it to be read as a Scottish story, he would have made it one.

The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

After all, he had written plenty of others. Enfield Mr. Plot Overview. Full Text Read the complete published text of Dr. Characters See a complete list of the characters in Dr.

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