The Sorrow of the Elves (Gemma Open Door)

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Monster : Adventures in American Machismo. Brian Bouldrey.

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Straight, gay, macho man, or great big sissy, it's tough to be a guy. Brian Bouldrey is a bona fide sissy - but he was also an Eagle Scout and a member of the Order of the Arrow with a secret Indian name that translates as "Active One. Rubber International competition - often accompanied by a quirky cabal of best pals.

From the inner sanctums of Cool Forts and Guy Rooms, he ponders the perennial allure of moonshining and the erotic possibilities of Bugs Bunny cartoons, and answers the question, "Is it okay to wear white latex after Labor Day?

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At the same time Bouldrey bares his own soul - and imperfections - with disarming, and often hilarious, honesty: "When I was in the ninth grade, I began to grow a breast. Metamorphosis in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.


A beloved author on her best topic — relationships. Starsky and Hutch rule the television screen, and, in Northern Ireland, bombs are going off.

A funny, moving and wistful story of a rural Ireland long since passed. When the going gets tough, the tough play hockey. Maybe peace is not enough. Love never dies…. Something magical happens…in your own backyard? An emigrant tells his son about football, and about home. Each of has a very personal set of numbers that influence our lives. Does Joe really want to get married at all?

A man follows the twisted path into his past. What human secret was uncovered in a dead rhinoceros?

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Witty story about competition between sisters. A story of male friendship, sometimes gone astray.


Should she put a spark back in her marriage, or call it quits? A troubled woman turns to ice cream, and just might find love as well.

Fellowship of the Ring ~ Extended Edition ~ Wood Elves making their way to the Grey Havens HD

Lizzie is dead. Brittany Myerson is so ready for high school to end. A funny and frank story about a mother and her…colorful son.

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An original story about family, jealousy, passion and redemption. A portrait of the artist as an old man.

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    A new wife challenges a frugal former bachelor.