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I accept cookies to allow Publicis Groupe to measure the audience of the Website. The Power Of One. Find an agency. It's difficult for me to pull out and highlight bits that I enjoyed because it was just so great. It's masterfully written and razor sharp. You need this in your life.

I see the future and I see a film adaptation, tattoos on palms and a video game I would play that video game. View all 79 comments.

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Feb 01, Maggie Stiefvater rated it it was amazing Shelves: adult , recommended. I finished this novel at midnight last night and after I went to bed, I blinked into my pillow and tried to think of what words I would type into this box on Goodreads apart from that first one: wow. After a few minutes thought, I figured I could add "intelligent" and "uncomfortable" and "thought-provoking. This book, like many others, bears a jacket printed darkly with other authors saying great things Wow. This book, like many others, bears a jacket printed darkly with other authors saying great things about it.

New classic! Sure, sure, man. Believe them. The hook is simple: the novel begins when girls and women suddenly gain the power to shock and kill others with only a touch; it takes only a second's thought to imagine how this would turn the world on its head. It's not the hook, however, that sells this book.

It's Alderman's searing understanding of power dynamics in relationships, from big to small. With both empathy and remove, she writes about oppression and gender in a clever, disturbing, heartbreaking way. It's not a comfort read. It's not a rich exploration of character. It's not even a rich exploration of everything there is to say about oppression or prejudice. The simple title is brilliant in its accuracy.

I saw a few reviews complain that the book offers no answers, but to me, that represents one of its greatest strengths. It's illuminating but not didactic. Probing but not prescriptive. An exposure, not a screed. There's no easy answer to the question of how power is transferred and how power corrupts; I would've distrusted any book that tried to tell me otherwise. The problem is not women.

The problem is humans.

This is why. I've still failed at this recommendation — all of these words really just still mean WOW. So I guess I'll leave it there: Wow. View all 27 comments. Christ this is a mess. I'm obviously wrong considering all the glowing praise and award-winning going on here, but can't for the life of me understand what the fuss is about.

I mean, great concept but poor execution. Way too many of the chapters felt off or forced, I didn't invest in any of the characters, and the ending didn't redeem it - in fact, probably made it worse. Very disappointed.

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View all 84 comments. Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel, From Beginning to Bookend. Roxy is a tenacious girl with an influential family. Tunde enjoys lounging poolside after his photo-journalism class. Margot is a politician with grand aspirations and a vulnerable teenage daughter. Allie is a young woman whose religious foster parents are not what they seem. Roxy, Tunde, Margot, and Allie have relatively normal lives, until something extraordinary happens: Teenage girls acquire supernatur Click here to watch a video review of this book on my channel, From Beginning to Bookend.

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Roxy, Tunde, Margot, and Allie have relatively normal lives, until something extraordinary happens: Teenage girls acquire supernatural abilities that give them unparalleled physical power. The world is turned on its head as the power takes over. Roxy, Tunde, Margot, and Allie are drawn together in unprecedented ways to calamitous effect. The Power drops readers right into the action and opens on the threshold of the change, an event later referred to as the Day of the Girls.

Like needle-pricks of light from her spine to her collarbone, from her throat to her elbows, wrists, to the pads of her fingers.

She's glittering, inside. Chapters alternate between Roxy, Tunde, Margot, and Allie. Though the book is written in third person perspective, subtle narrative nuances give each character their own voice. Plot twists are placed with adept exactitude, giving the book a satisfying pace. Social norms throughout the world shift daily as more and more young women discover their ability to harness the power.

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Some social adjustments are small and happen slowly; others are more drastic and arrive suddenly. Males must behave in ways that are unorthodox for men but are, in the real world, common practice for women. It often feels unfathomable that male characters in the book should suffer such atrocities, but readers are forced to recognize a disturbing fact: Women suffer similar acts of barbarism every day in the real world. They'd separated the boys from the girls on the fifth day [.

The book goes so far as to playfully address this incongruity. No answer or explanation is given, but the mere act of mentioning opposing thoughts plants the seed to incite further conversation on the subject matter. Torture and experiments, gangs of women on the loose in the north near the border, murdering and raping men at will.

The power to hurt is a kind of wealth. After a compulsory narrative and a slew of surprises, the book concludes with a clever final page that is delightfully on-the-nose. The Power is a feminist work of speculative fiction whose fundamental messages will stir readers to confront haunting truths. But the thought of the darkness that might be behind those lit windows kept him from asking. The night was filled with monsters now. A world in which women suddenly get the ability to create electricity and can use it however they please?

It sounds so intriguing, right? It was so promising but the way it was executed? What happened?! Okay, let me elaborate. And there are women shrugging off their hands.