The Politically Correct University: Problems, Scope, and Reforms

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If numbers alone were to matter, how can one explain the fact that India, with about odd universities and thousands of colleges and institutes, cannot even put out one in the global top ? China has managed to get into this chart and a tiny country like Singapore shares the honours. The inadequacies of the higher education system of India has seen an annual exodus of over , young minds to institutions in North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific; and this trend will continue.

A new trend in the last few years has been that Indian students are opting to go overseas for undergraduate studies as opposed to postgraduate studies. The answer is simple yet proving extremely difficult: provide adequate resources at home.

Politically Correct University: Problems, Scope, and Reforms

Is there a problem with infrastructure? Is sufficient attention being paid to research and publications? In addition to academic fine tuning and relevance there is the obvious need to rope in corporate and business houses very early on by their involvement in curriculum and syllabus, both for design and delivery.

There is no doubt that industry-academia collaboration is a two way street and a win-win scenario. The focus of higher education must also be on research, again with a focus on quality. The bias of the Centre in allocation of resources to central and premier institutions is for all to see. The notion that private institutions are awash with funds is as wrong as it is naive, for the simple reason that these institutions have to constantly pump money in for infrastructure and upgrading existing facilities in order to maintain their premier status among educational institutions and still compete for ranking status that would include government funded institutions.

Higher education in India does not have the luxury of time in a fast changing world. Western countries owe their development to first rate educational institutions that combine academics and research. Boykoff, M. Balance as bias: global warming and the US prestige press.

Global environmental change , 14 2 , Brandenburg, H. Political bias in the Irish media: A quantitative study of campaign coverage during the general election.

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Irish Political Studies , 20 3 , Ceci, S. Human subjects review, personal values, and the regulation of social science research. American Psychologist , 40 9 , Duarte, J. L, Crawford, J.

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  • Political will – as opposed to political fixes – needed to reform higher education in India.

Political diversity will improve social psychological science. Behavioral and Brain Sciences.

The Politically Correct University « Rex Nelson's Southern Fried

See all commentaries on this target article here. Eagly, A. The science and politics of comparing women and men. American Psychologist , 50 3 , The science and politics of comparing men and women: A reconsideration. Branscombe Eds. London, England: Sage.

Political will – as opposed to political fixes – needed to reform higher education in India

Gross, N. Why are professors liberal and why do conservatives care? Hess, is director of education policy studies for the AEI, a conservative think tank in Washington. Various writers contributed. Here are some excerpts:.

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We know, for instance, that the public had determined by the s that the welfare program AFDC was not working, yet academic sociologists even now [after welfare reform] adamantly reject that conclusion and ostracize those who take it seriously. This failure to accept reality costs thousands of lives.

As the wives have less need to be careful, what they say is more revealing of the general atmosphere of the academy. Many wives of conservatives have reported being berated for having husbands who voted for Ronald Reagan or George W. They have been made to feel as out of place as liberals in certain country clubs.

Like Robert Maranto, Joel Anderson was trained as a political scientist. Also like Maranto, he considered himself a conservative Republican, but not an ultra-conservative Republican. That ended when he left teaching for administration. Anderson grew up on a farm east of Swifton, and did his undergraduate study at Harding University, a conservative Church of Christ school in Searcy.

I can say that my years in the department of political science at UALR were comfortable and lots of fun. My colleagues included two Democrats who were elected to the Arkansas House of Representatives, Cal Ledbetter and Robert Johnston, who to this day are warm friends I admire. Any church congregation almost always has some people in a minority, any civic club, any faculty. Russia and China are adopting capitalism. The idea is to remain open to minority views. If faculty in the mainstream of their disciplines become aware of any overt effort to suppress the expressions of their colleagues who are not in the mainstream, they will almost always come to their defense.

The Politically Correct University, part 3

In how many other organizations is that the case? These people today want an adventurous foreign policy, and they unbalanced the budget. Bill Clinton was the last conservative president. In fact, NPR carefully suppresses such liberal inclinations as it might feel.