The Girl Who Danced With The Butterflies (Illustrated)

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So, it's where all the roads converge in regards to classical music. To be true to that scope, Alhadeff has done everything possible to make sure the production is at the grand scale expected of world-class opera houses. It takes more than just a village, it takes the best musicians, dancers, and craftspeople from across the Central Coast and California to make the show a reality, he said.

이달의 소녀 (LOONA) - Butterfly Dance Practice (Mirrored)

The ensemble is mostly made up of skilled Central Coast musicians, as well as session players from the Bay Area and Los Angeles. The ultimate ingredient in any opera production is the singers, Alhadeff explained, and he took great care when choosing the cast for Madama Butterfly. The lead role will be performed by soprano Rena Harms , he said, who has sung this opera with three different productions so far this year, including with the English National Opera. Alhadeff explained that he wanted to bring someone to SLO to sing Madama Butterfly who had experience with the role, and whose voice was well suited to the character.

Pinkerton openly gloats about wanting an "anchor in every port," and leaves Cio-Cio-San alone and pregnant, only to return years later with his American wife Linda Baird to take his son. Puccini premiered the opera in , and in true form of opera at the time, ends the romance with tragedy and loss. It also includes characterizations and themes that may challenge modern sensibilities, but that illustrate Puccini's "stereotypical impression" of both Japan and America, Alhadeff said.

Realizing those fantastic portrayals and gut-wrenching moments of emotion requires every piece to be placed just right, from the elaborate sets to the musical direction. That's why the intensive rehearsal schedule is basically fulltime up until the performance, and why Alhadeff called on Harms to take the lead for the production and bring her world-class sound to SLO. Sun Managing Editor Joe Payne is an avid opera fan.

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