The Complete Money Savers Guide to Garage Sale Shopping

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Tips for Yard Sale Success | Green America

And, of course, clean items thoroughly before you put them up for sale. Stockpile plastic bags so shoppers can carry their purchases and have plenty of single bills for making change, suggests Ingram. Presentation is another important consideration. Susan Johnston is a Boston-based freelance writer who covers business and lifestyle topics.

Here are five tips for throwing a successful yard sale: 1. Team Up Alert neighbors in advance of your sale. Promote Your Sale Papsin begins promoting each yard sale two and a half weeks in advance, starting with free sites like Craiglist and Oodle. Price to Sell Serious yard sale goers who show up at 7am in their quest for a bargain expect deep discounts, so price items accordingly or you could be left with the same pile of clutter at the end of the day.

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Post navigation. Susan Johnston 33 Posts. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Summer is here, which probably means that the piles of clutter you discovered during spring cleaning are still, well, cluttering. Before you give in to the temptation to haul it all out to the dumpster behind your house, consider giving it a second life. Every day, Americans throw away an average of 4. Holding a yard sale can be your chance to keep reusable items in circulation.

So gather your clutter and check out these easy steps to making your yard sale a smashing success. Getting Started The first step to throwing a great yard sale is assembling your merchandise. This is the time to go through your closets, cabinets, basements, attics, and cupboards. Make a night of it—have everyone in your household bring things down from their rooms and go through them together to keep the peace, let the final decision to sell be up to the owner of the item.

This will give you a chance to spend time together while reliving old memories stimulated by some of your belongings. But watch out—once you unearth some of your old stuff from the depths of the closet, you may suddenly want to keep it. How often did I need it? How often will I use it now? Odds are, any item you dragged out of your closet will end up back there soon—why not give it a chance for a new life with someone else?

Check in with your neighbors and friends of the family to see if they want to join you and make it a multi-family sale.

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Live in an apartment? Plus, tending to the yard sale is a great way to get to know your neighbors. The most effective way to advertise your yard sale is to place a listing in a local newspaper.

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Some local papers allow you to place a listing for free; others charge a fee. Keep in mind that the small cost of placing a classified in your daily paper may be worth the added exposure. You can also hang up announcement flyers on recycled paper seven to ten days before the sale around your community.

Online posting is also an option—websites like craigslist. On the day of the sale, make sure that large, bright signs are in the neighborhood to lead buyers to you. Instead of buying poster-board to make your signs, re-use pieces of cardboard from old boxes. Make sure to take down the signs and flyers and recycle them when the sale is over.

Setting Up the Sale How you set up your items could make the difference between selling them and hauling them back inside your house to darken your closets once more. Here are some tips to make your old stuff as attractive to buyers as possible. Make sure your items are presentable.

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Arrange a display that is both catchy and organized. Put clothes on hangers if possible, rather than folding them in piles that will soon get messed up. Have an extension cord handy so people can test electrical appliances, and provide a measuring tape for furniture and other large items. You may even want to have a set of working batteries on hand for people to test items like flashlights or electronic games.

You might have a buyer who knows how to fix a broken blender, or who wants to take that old radio home for its parts. Write the price on a small sticker, and place it on the item. A little preparatory snooping will you help get ideas for pricing and for displaying things. Help buyers think up uses for them. These are the pros who will arrive early Be prepared! If such haggling makes you uncomfortable, just make it clear that prices are fixed with the placement of a few friendly signs. Once the initial rush is over, do consider accepting bargain offers. Ready, Set, Sell!

Summer and early fall are the times for yard sales, so why not make yours the best on the block?

Make it a place where people will have fun and want to hang around more browsing time often means more purchases. Pull out that radio and play some upbeat music, set up a play area for children, and maybe even have a lemonade stand. Having cool drinks on hand will keep your shoppers refreshed and cheerful; also, if children are involved in the sale, staffing a lemonade stand will give them a chance to get in on the action. If there is a shy artist or a clever craft-maker hiding inside of you, use your yard sale as an opportunity to share some of your homemade items with your community.

Do you have a green thumb? Try filling old jars with pebbles and water and using them to sell plant cuttings of that philodendron in your kitchen, or sell some cut flowers from your garden.