Robbys Big Flying Adventure

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They immediately turned the ship and after some time saw an island that had disappeared, so they thought. But it was not an island but was a big piece of rock. As soon as they stopped on it, it began to move here and there.

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Finally it came out of the water. Everyone was astonished to see a big crab from the deep ocean. Lots of water splashed on them as the crab moved. They all were scared and their legs started shacking due to fear. Soon they realised that the crab is harmless and will not do anything to them.

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The crab became happy that they were the first one to reach there in search of the island. The crab picked them up out of the water and threw them forcefully in the sky. But Captain George was courageous. He ordered the crew to quickly open all the sails. Captain asked the crew to wait for some time. And soon the wind started blowing and held ship afloat. For a while they struggled, but then they began to fly in the sky. All began to run here and there. The Captain ordered something unusual.

All began to shift the sails towards the north-east. But before they did so, a flash of lightening fell on the ship. All were scared. Some of them were even burning in the fire. The wine drum fell on the right leg of Robbin. He began to grown with pain. But he mustered all his strength and courageously walked inside the cabin.

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But this was just a struggle to reach the island in the cloudy sky. They all wore smiling faces, but the Captain was sad because he had just lost control of his ship. The Bear's missed field goal in last weekend's playoff game was officially ruled as a block, but Marcus doesn't want to hear excuses. Joe invites strangers to the house for New Year's Eve, which leads to a weird discussion about what you would feel comfortable having your neighbors do in your home, and also a confession.

A fan posts a comment taking Joe to task. With Mara Reinstein scheduled to return soon, Joe talks about his confusion with the Golden Globe awards. Joe saw Robby many times over the holidays, but refused to pass along a gift from a fan that was sent to his home. Joe is confused by Asian dining. Joe wrestles with himself over whether or not to talk about one holiday incident where Katie lost or misplaced a certain package. When Gramps sends a text to what he thinks is a customer's number, he gets a reply he did not expect. The new novel by Robby and Joe's uncle was a popular Christmas present in Joe gets a gift bonanza being on his future mother-in-law's Christmas list.

The Die Laughing Production secret Santa gift exchange produced some extraordinary presents, but a portrait painted of Joe and Katie stood-out above all others. Rob still feels self-conscious about his own reaction when receiving gifts. Rob and Joe open gifts from Marcus on the air. Both the cast and the audiences were filled with the Christmas spirit for the final few murder mystery performances of the year and things got wild.

Rob is traveling out of the country to perform on New Year's Eve, and Joe explains why he will never be allowed to do anything like that in the future. There will be no celebrating of the upcoming th show because Rob and Joe just don't think its a big deal. With the benefit of hindsight, some of Rob and Joe's worst moments from past shows are being reexamined and highlighted on Twitter.

Erik gets a sex toy for Christmas. Rob has a new outgoing message he's sure will please Joe. Robby and Joe's uncle appears to have gotten a bump in sales on his new book based on the plug he received from the show. Rob and Joe call Erik again to hear about someone sabotaging his newest comedy project just for a laugh. A new Gramps-submitted story has everyone urging him to quit his job or retire.

David Koechner provides a woman in need with a Christmas miracle and Rob is there to witness his generosity. A friend of a friend gets a spot on Rob's fantasy footfall league, comes in last and now won't pay his fee. After going to look at ice sculptures, Joe's future father-in-law lashes out at some women with whom he crosses paths.

Michael Chamberlin takes Joe to task again, this time over one of Joe's favorite movies from this year. Katie finds a deadly creature inside the house. Inspired by a fan's comments, Rob starts the show talking about the merits of pita bread, followed by an update on his outgoing message.

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Robby takes a beating in the iTunes review section. Street Address.

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