Leveraging Migration for Africa

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SearchWorks Catalog Stanford Libraries. Leveraging migration for Africa : remittances, skills, and investments.

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Responsibility edited by Dilip Ratha Physical description xix, p. Online Available online. World Bank eLibrary Full view. Green Library. L48 Unknown. More options. Find it at other libraries via WorldCat Limited preview. Contributor Ratha, Dilip.

Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and index. Contents Migration patterns and policies in Africa. With European per capita income roughly 11 times that of most of sub-Saharan Africa and tens of millions of young Africans with poor job prospects, the attraction of migrating to Europe is and will remain immense. While there is migration from all over the world into Europe, geography makes Africa the biggest potential source of migrants.

One approach that Europe as well as others such as the United States wants to take is to let in only skilled migrants. The numbers would be small, making the absorption of these migrants easier in terms of cultural barriers. In any case, taking in small numbers of skilled Africans will not alleviate the strong pressure from the millions left behind. While this may be a desirable objective from the point of view of the rich countries, it would have mixed results for Africa. The investment in human capital that these migrants embody would be largely lost. Then again, remittances could be an advantage, as would possible return of some of these migrants to their home countries.

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Foresight Africa viewpoint – Africa and Europe: Toward real partnership on migration

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