How to Rank in Google Book: SEO Strategies post Panda and Penguin (How to Rank in... Book 1)

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More of everything. Ads, click-throughs, keywords, SEO tricks, writers, content. Many writers continued to publish scores of articles with the primary purpose of earning revenue based on how well they perform — the very definition of a content farm. At the time of the purchase, Associated Content had about , contributors, was publishing about 10, new pieces of content every week and, according to comScore, was getting about 90 percent of its traffic from search.

Experian Hitwise said the site was getting about 55 percent of its traffic just from Google. Yahoo took drastic measures to fix things: It killed the Associated Content name and domain , rebranded the site as Yahoo Voices at voices. The company was bought by Reply! This was an article search engine that provided access to millions of previously published articles primarily from newspapers and magazines, as I recall , some for free and others behind a paywall. I recall using FindArticles on many occasions while I was researching U2-ADiary , a book I wrote about the rock band that was first published in There are probably other companies that have made significant changes like Suite However, the question then becomes, how do you get Google to trust you?

Clearly, it isn't easy. Let's think about any relationship here for a moment. How does anyone trust anyone else in this world?

What Google's Panda and Penguin Updates Mean for the Future of SEO

There are plenty of dimensions to Google's trust, but to take a real-world scenario for a moment, let's briefly look at the plight of a new business that opens up shop. Let's just say for a moment that this new business needs working capital, and the founder walks into a bank for a meeting with the bank manager.

Being a new business, this company will naturally face some bias. How can they expect the bank to give them a loan for their business when they have no track record?

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This is somewhat of a Catch, isn't it? In order to start and grow the business, it needs capital, but in order to get that capital, it needs to have been in business for quite some time, with a proven track record. This is the same dilemma that will face any newly-formed website or domain on the internet. If Google just found out about you, no matter when you first registered that domain name, it's going to look at you with suspect.

It won't trust you, thus, you won't rank high, no matter what strategy you attempt to implement. Today, Google knows about all your schemes, so don't even bother with them if you're looking to build its trust. Your website's age if more important than its beauty. No matter how good your site looks, what Google is really looking for is link-consistency over time.

How much time? We're talking years here. Even if you have a healthy link profile and your site looks amazing, loads quickly and is easy to navigate, it will fall short without age. What do I mean really when I talk about age? I'm talking about the indexed age of your site, its content and the links that are pointing to it. It's an amalgamation of all these factors that relate to age. What's the velocity of links being created over time? Whether you're just learning SEO in , or any other year for that matter, what's important to keep in mind is that Google's algorithms are always logging, analyzing and judging any behavior related to your site, its links, content and so on.

If you do a lot of work for a month or two then completely abandon your site, you won't help your efforts, you'll hinder them. Remember, trust is the first rule. Think about one of your oldest friends whom you've known for over ten years now and that you trust with your life. Did you trust that person on the day you met them?

TL;DR – What Really Matters if you do SEO in 12222?

How about a few months after? What about a year after that?

Trust develops slowly and it comes through age. Keep that in mind and don't get discouraged in the short term. When it comes to doing anything on the Web, one of the steadfast rules is that quality trumps quantity every single time. Don't focus on doing something so many times, rather focus on doing it the right way enough times. For example, don't worry so much about pushing out a certain amount of content every singled day; worry about pushing out good content every single week. That's what Google cares about -- quality. When it launched its Panda algorithm, Google was really going after quality through the user experience.

Google wasn't too happy about that. It wasn't happy about it then, and it certainly won't be happy about it in and beyond. In fact, as the web ages, it's Google's aim to increase the overall quality of not just its search engine, but of all the information on the web.

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  5. It's cleverly devised these rules and ranking factors to ensure that quality increases over time rather than decreases. No matter what type of SEO strategy you want to employ, no matter what type of link-building efforts you're looking to engage in, ensure that it's about the quality not the quantity. Don't use link-generating software, article spinners, or anything else like that if you're serious about achieving any respectable rank on Google's SERPs. Put in the work and put in the time, elevating quality over quantity. On my blog, Wanderlust Worker, which is arguably one of the most popular inspirational blogs on the web, I don't focus on pushing out tons of content; I simply focus on pushing on very good content as often as possible.

    And, I continuously outrank sites that have far more age and authority due to the underlying quality of the content. The underlying content of a site will always be king. If the content falls short, so will the SERP rankings. Google's aim to deliver the most relevant results in the quickest manner possible has much to do with delivering the best possible content. If the content is no good, how can it be relevant? Keep in mind that most people have now automatically become reliant on Google, knowing that the first result will likely be the best result.

    In turn, everyone wants that top spot, but you simply won't get it if your content isn't good enough. The truth is that great content is shared often. Everyone wants to share something that delivers real value. So put the time into the content, because that's what counts. Yes, other factors matter.

    What Google's Panda and Penguin Updates Mean for the Future of SEO

    But, without great content, you can forget about your chances to rank. Hello, Brian. First of all thanks for this useful content. But here one question in my mind, How to use keyword in images like ALT tag or in title.

    7 Free Tools to Rank #1 in Google - SEO Optimization Techniques to Skyrocket Your Rankings

    When linking out to an Authority site, should we make it NO Follow? Does it matter? My link juice is already weak enough!!

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