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Gifts from the Heart - Tim Janis

But in this rental house there was little time for decorating and a lot less money. Plus, I was angry about this ugly place, with its red and orange carpets and turquoise and green walls. I refused to put money into it. Nobody else seemed to mind about the house except my daughter Lisa, who had always tried to make her room her special place.

It was time to express my talents. I called my ex-husband and asked that he buy a specific bedspread for Lisa. Then I bought the sheets to match. That night, I gave each of the children three pieces of stationery with envelopes. As they wrote in privacy, I went to my bedroom and wrapped their few store-bought gifts. When I returned to the kitchen, the children had finished their letters to one another. Each name was written on the outside of the envelope. We exchanged hugs and goodnight kisses and they hurried off to bed. Lisa was given special permission to sleep in my bed, with the promise not to peek until Christmas morning.

I got started. In the wee hours of Christmas morn, I finished the curtains, painted the walls and stepped back to admire my masterpiece.


Anniversary Gift Ideas From The Heart Are Truly Memorable

As I was healed, genuine forgiveness filled my heart. I had spent many weeks examining both Daniel and myself to see who was more at fault for the end of our relationship. I wanted to find the answers and thus protect myself from making painful mistakes in the future. I only made it harder to forgive Daniel, and I loathed myself because I was dwelling on my imperfections. I forgave myself and understood Daniel better.

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Now I better understand why the Lord requires us to forgive. When we learn not to focus on blame, we love others more and are kinder with ourselves.

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Over the next five years, I became involved in a few more serious dating relationships. As I read them, I remembered the unparalleled spiritual, emotional, and intellectual compatibility I had experienced in that relationship.

Those memories were pivotal in helping me approach dating with a much more prayerful attitude. I prayed to know how I could feel an equal or greater sense of compatibility with the right person than I had already felt with Daniel. We valued the same things in life.

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  5. We shared the same sense of humor. As our relationship deepened, we decided to share our lives together too. Instead of finally discerning all the reasons Daniel was wrong for me, as I originally assumed would happen, my experiences led me to discern exactly why my husband, Russ, is the best match. My broken heart was not only softened; it was also strengthened. After my first heartbreak, I received strength to love more and trust more than I had before, not less.

    I would not have volunteered to learn vital qualities through pain, but I recognize valuable gifts that resulted from one unhappy experience.

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    Heavenly Father knew what I was lacking and what I would need to serve Him better. He also prepared me to be a good spouse for my eternal companion. Donations of food , clothing , household furniture , toys , and personal items are accepted, along with gift cards for food or gas.

    Good Gifts: One Year in the Heart of a Home

    If you would like to help our work with the low income and those going hardships, or just those trying to keep warm, we can be reached by telephone at or , or items can be dropped off at 58 Spring Road, Charlottetown. Gifts from the heart, with Betty Begg! Is a fantastic organization that I personally love to volunteer with.