Biology of Sensory Systems

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Box 3. Chapter 4: Classification and Phylogeny. Chapter 5: Genes, Genomics and Neurosensory Systems. Box 5. Part I: Self Assessment.

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Part I: Notes, References and Bibliography. Chapter 6: Mechanosensitivity of Cell Membranes. Chapter 7: Kinaesthesia.

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  4. Receptive field structure and spectral sensitivity in honey bee central visual neurons.
  6. Chapter 8: Touch. Box 9. Chapter Cerebral Analysis.

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    Box Part II: Self Assessment. Chapter Chemosensitivity in Prokaryocytes.

    • Biology of Sensory Systems.
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    Chapter Mammalian Chemo-Enteroreceptors. Chapter Gustation. Chapter Olfaction. Box I4. Chapter Invertebrate Vision.

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    Medical Neuroscience. Enroll for Free. From the lesson. The Thalamus Overview and Origins of Cortical Circuits, part 1 Overview and Origins of Cortical Circuits, part 2 General Principles of Sensory Systems, part 1 General Principles of Sensory Systems, part 2 Taught By. Leonard E. White, Ph. Associate Professor.

    Over four hundred illustrations, boxes containing supplementary material and self-assessment questions and a full bibliography at the end of each part make Biology of Sensory Systems essential reading for undergraduate students of biology, zoology, animal physiology, neuroscience, anatomy and physiological psychology.

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    General Principles of Sensory Systems part 1

    Skip to Main Content. First published: 24 November About this book Since publication of the first edition, huge developments have taken place in sensory biology research and new insights have been provided in particular by molecular biology.

    Common Senses: Review of Biology of Sensory Systems by C.U.M. Smith

    These show the similarities in the molecular architecture and in the physiology of sensory cells across species and across sensory modality and often indicate a common ancestry dating back over half a billion years. New in this edition: Greater emphasis on molecular biology and intracellular mechanisms New chapter on genomics and sensory systems Sections on TRP channels, synaptic transmission, evolution of nervous systems, arachnid mechanosensitive sensilla and photoreceptors, electroreception in the Monotremata, language and the FOXP2 gene, mirror neurons and the molecular biology of pain Updated passages on human olfaction and gustation.

    Author Bios Dr. Christopher Upham Murray Smith. Export Citation s.