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Associates (Alfonzo, #9)

Most hitmen believe they're the best; it's the elusive ones who usually are. Hit-men never advertise their occupation to the public.

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Not even those in the know really know who's who, but the Big Boss and Underboss often do. Professionals aren't insane, they're rather sane in fact, just highly skilled at their craft. If a hit had been put on any of those guys, law enforcement would have received their suspect in a body bag, minus the many victims from their murderous rampages. Experts are advanced in hand-to-hand combat, weaponry, survival techniques and intelligence gathering. If a soldier becomes disgruntled or craves the adrenalin high when his tour ends, freelancing becomes an option.

Thus, you have the contractors with money as an incentive, and excitement the natural drug. He or she often works solo, on occasion in small groups if a job has multiple targets. Every Mafiya has them, loyalty to the family is their pledge and the pay is incidental, but rest assured their salary is a whole lot. Legends like the Butcher, Vignotti, Seizman and others are what the latest generation aspired to become.

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They were green and failed to understand, years on the job and surviving the hazards is how one received such distinction. He worked under worse conditions. Sitting quietly with the younger men, the leader checked his artillery. There was a celebration winding down and he needed to be ready.

By then the soon to be deceased were certain to be asleep or have slower reactionary timing due to the copious consumption of liquor. An inhalation right before dawn appears is when the leader's hand shot up and he signaled the group. He pointed northeast and to the west and specialty boots were on the run. Four fingers went in the air. Men fell in step and then sprint like gazelles over the hot terrain to the main house, the place where another leader slept.

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The security was disabled; the entry took seconds before he led men up stairs. A step creaked and booted feet stopped. Ears listened for sounds above, and when none came the figures ascended in a hurried rush. How early is too early for Calvin Johnson? Personally, in competitive 12 team non-PPR leagues, I would not go any earlier than pick 10 for the consensus No. Detroit Arizona pm.

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New Orleans Rams pm. A shooting on the steps of a grand Cathedral in.

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Written by Charli Baker. Published by voilepoitoucharentes. Page 2. Table of Contents. Page 3.

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Charli Baker voilepoitoucharentes. Animus Alfonzo.

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Soul Resurrected Sons. GE Vol. Our Over manuals and Ebooks is. Frank January 20, 0. A shooting on the steps of a grand. Love Ain't for Everybody. Avarice Alfonzo Volume Discover the key to improve the. Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Animus Alfonzo, 10 book, this is one of the most wanted. Armored Alfonzo Series Book