A Handbook of Statistics and Quantitative Analysis for Educational Leadership

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BIOC: Biochemistry.

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BIOT: Biotechnology. BLDG: Building. CHEM: Chemistry. COMM: Commerce. CRIM: Criminology. CRTV: Creative practice. ECON: Economics. ENGG: Engineering interdisciplinary. FINS: Finance. GEOL: Geology. GEOS: Geoscience.

GSBE: Architecture. GSOE: Engineering. HUMS: Humanities. INOV: Innovation. JAPN: Japanese. LAWS: Law. LING: Linguistics. MARK: Marketing. MATH: Mathematics. MBAX: Management. MDCN: Medicine. MDIA: Media. MFAC: Medicine. MFIN: Finance. MGMT: Management. MICR: Microbiology. MNGT: Management.

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MNNG: Mining. MUSC: Music. NANO: Nanotechnology. NEUR: Neuroscience. OPTM: Optometry. PATH: Pathology.

PHAR: Pharmacology. PHSL: Physiology. PHTN: Photonics. PHYS: Physics. PSCY: Psychiatry. PSYC: Psychology. SART: Art. TELE: Telecommunications. ZBUS: Business.

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Part II: Chapter 4: Analyzing Quantitative Data

Pre Handbook. This innovative online educational technology degree program focuses on leadership, preparing you to advance human performance and learning in a variety of organizational settings, including education, business and government. With a curriculum that is founded on the latest research-based approaches to education, technology and leadership, this program will equip you with the necessary skills to navigate the rapidly changing global environment of jobs in educational technology.

As a graduate of the educational technology online degree program, you will be poised to successfully guide the future of learning and technology in your organization. GW also offers online Graduate Certificates that enable students to develop a strong foundation in the field of Educational Technology, along with some advanced skills for design and development. Both the Master's and the Certificate students share the same courses. Since application requirements are somewhat different, acceptance into a Graduate Certificate program does not guarantee acceptance in the Master of Education Technology Degree.

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GW's online Master's in Educational Technology Leadership is a credit hour master's degree and can be completed in as little as 2 years. The educational technology environment is expanding and diversifying the career opportunities for leaders who are in the technology field.

According to the U. The following resources will give you an idea of just a few places that a graduate of our program might go to seek new opportunities in the growing field of Educational Technology. The links below provide salary information for careers in Educational Technology, Instructional Technology Careers and various other related fields. In addition to our online Educational Technology Master's Degree program, we also offer online Graduate Certificates with a number of specializations within the field.

The Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design prepares students to apply the theories, principles, models, tools, and techniques of systematic instructional design in diverse organizational settings. Related job titles include instructional designer, curriculum developer and technical writer.

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The Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology Leadership is ideal for those who are either already in leadership positions, but who lack formal instruction in educational technology, or who aspire to become leaders in an Educational Technology environment. Related job titles include technology specialist for a school, county, or district, director of instructional services and district-level educational technology coordinator.

The Certificates are each 18 credit hours in length and are very focused on one aspect of the field such as Instructional Design. For more information on any of these requirements, please visit our Admissions FAQ page. Blaylock was interviewed on the Marketplace podcast about "What it means to miss a paycheck. Skip to main content.